• What is a working men kilt?

    The Working Men Kilt is our go-anywhere-do-anything model with the best combo of flair. And pared-down the functionality of all our kilts. The kilts for men is very common to wear the whole day due to its lightweight and stylish front snaps. It also has cargo side pockets to carry more stuff while wearing your […]

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  • wear a kilt HOW TO WEAR A KILT

    New to kilt-wearing? Figuring out how to wear an outfit so steeped in tradition and heritage can seem daunting. Even if you’ve been wearing a kilt since you were a lad, remembering how to wear all the kilts accessories can be a challenge.  The team at Kilt Master™ lives and breathes kilts. We are all […]

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  • history of a kilt History of the Scottish Kilt

    Scottish kilts are known as “The National Dress of Scotland” and are a highly recognized form of dress throughout the world. Kilts have deep cultural and historical roots in the country of Scotland and are a sacred symbol of patriotism and honor for a true Scotsman. The word “kilt” is a derivation of the ancient Norse word, [...] Continue Reading