American Flag Kilt

A flag is always a pride for patriotic persons and wearing a flag costume always considered to be a pride for everyone. That’s why we are introducing the very first American Flag Kilt to all kilt lovers. As everyone knows that the American flag has a combination of very beautiful and decent colors; Navy Blue, Red, and white. Same as the colors in USA Flag we had introduced a very beautiful kilt like the American Flag.

The modern American flag kilt is made up of 100% high-quality cotton fabric. The bright stars on the front apron of this kilt represent all the states of the United States. Also, the stud has been attached to a front apron for a charming look. This USA Flag kilt is a perfect combination of modern and classic design. You can wear this US flag kilt on Freedom Day, National events and other occasions as well. This is purely custom made by our skilled kilt-makers team.

In the late 19th and 20th centuries, it was common for wealthy American families to wear kilts. Scottish kilts are loved by a large number of peoples in America. There is a saying that Scots wear a kilt in America and Americans wear kilts in Scotland. This American Flag Kilt has a perfect combination of modern and classic design.

Its time to take a look at making and features of USA flag kilt:

Material: 100% Cotton
Fabric: Drill Jeans
Style: Utility/Hybrid
Type: Patriotic/USA Flag
Colors: Navy Blue, White & Red
Fastening: Buttons
Side Pocket: Flapped with Button
Printing: High Quality
Front Apron: 15 Stars
Pockets/Flaps: 3 Stars on Each
Size: Made to Order

If you are looking for a modern kilt with a hybrid feature then this American flag kilt for sale is a must-have choice. Patriotic men utility kilt is designed for those who want to show their love and gratitude towards their country. It is purely custom made so you don’t have to worry about fitting. All you have to do is provide us your body measurements and leave the rest to our professional kilt-makers.

This US flag kilt is purely handmade and full of perfection. You Can Shop it at Kilt Master or Open the following link to buy this Beautiful kilt. American Flag Kilt