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Even here in the home of the kilt, there’s a lingering perception that a ‘real’ kilt is only for formal occasions – weddings in particular. Otherwise, a kilt might be paired with a Team Scotland shirt and a pair of boots to a rugby or football match. Over at Kilt Society™, we think there’s no such thing as a bad time to wear a work kilts. While we always respect and honor tradition, we don’t believe in die-hard rules. If it’s comfortable and makes you feel great, we say go for it. Every man’s style is different, but here are our top tips for casual kilt wearing.


where to wear kilt? We think leather kilt have a place in just about any situation. They’re particularly great for occasions when you need a little extra freedom of movement, like when hiking or driving long distances.Both within and outside of Scotland, you’ll find men in kilts on the street, in the pub, and even at work. We’ve heard from lorry drivers to university professors who make the kilt part of their daily uniform. We say it can be worn at any job except mountaineers or firemen because – after all – the higher you climb, the better the view!Our best tip is that you can dress down your kilt and wear it wherever you would wear a nice pair of jeans.


what to pair with your kilt for everyday wear As with any outfit, the way you casually style your kilt will mostly depend on the occasion and the weather. We encourage you to get creative with your personal style, but here are our styling recommendations.


We persevere essential kilt rate, made from 8 yards of woven tartan cloth, is a great option for everyday kilt wearing. Your custom-made kilt can still be dressed down and is great for the occasional casual kilt wearer. Choose a warm, muted tartan that can be paired with a range of colors for any season.


Pair your kilt with a collarless shirt or a chunky knitted jumper. For a truly stylish look, we recommend going for something in a colour that complements your kilt’s tartan. Try to avoid extremely busy patterns or graphics. Whatever you wear on top, be sure to tuck it in for a casual but neat look.


We most commonly see men pairing their casual kilt outfits with boots. Our Gillie Boots in black leather are a great way to combine tradition with recreation. Chose kilt house that complements your tartan’s colors, or a pair of hiking socks, and push them down to the top of the boots for a chunky casual look. Other forms of footwear we’ve seen done well are casual brogues, suede brogues, and boat shoes.


The simplest way to dress down your kilt is to ditch the full dress or semi-dress sporran. Instead, opt for a more casual day sporran, like our Military style leather sporran. Alternatively, ditch the sporran altogether. Break up the line of your outfit with a kilt belt. Add some extra personality with a striking belt buckle. A kilt pin without all the bells and whistles, like the basic safety pin or the standard horn pin kilt, also makes a nice touch.


how to wear your kilt casually Maybe daily kilt-wearing isn’t your thing, but you still want to infuse Scottish tradition with your daily wardrobe. A pair of tartan trews is a great alternative, and can equally be dressed down with chunky knitwear. Pick a muted tartan, like the Stewart Hunting Weathered (pictured here), for a classic look (and easy matching).


We asked some kilt-wearers for their recommendations when it comes to everyday, casual kilt wearing. Here’s how they wear their kilts. ”Put it this way – I have worn pants three times in the last year. I have 35 kilts and I wear them every day of the week and anywhere I go, even shoveling snow.” – Frank “Everywhere! I dress it up or down depending on what I’m doing.” – Jeremy “Two years ago I did the Camino de Santiago. I had my kilt on start to finish – 900kms.” – Jimmy “It is a rare treat to wear it out but I just like wearing mine to the pub.” – Patrick “Hiking in Yosemite Valley.” – Dave “I try to wear my kilts everywhere. From long scenic drives, hiking and site seeing, to Celtic events and country fairs.” – David “I live in America, and while I don’t wear one terribly often (maybe twice a month), I wear it whenever I would normally wear jeans (grocery shopping, mall, etc.)” – Matt “It has been close to three years since I last wore trousers. I put my kilt on in the morning and wear it until I bed down for the night.” – James “To the classes, I teach. To open Mic shows, out shopping or drinking coffee – basically, anywhere I’d wear dress slacks.” – Bryan  

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