History Of Rob Roy Macgregor Tartan Kilt

MacGregor Tartan is fearless kilt of Red and Green with white stripes.Rob Roy MacGregor is one of Scotland’s most well known figures. Brigand‚ hero‚ blackmailer and inspired leader‚ many of his exploits became legendary.The Rob Roy Macgregor Tartan Kilts for men comes with black polyester lining that avoid you from rashes. It is handmade 8 yards with traditional style that comes with knife edge pleats and work kilts also.

Rob Roy Macgregor Tarton Kilt is made of 80% acrylic and 20% wool in Rob Roy Macgregor Tartan fabric. This custom Rob Roy Macgregor Kilt comes with leather straps and chrome buckle fastening. Black and Rob Roy Macgregor  Utility Kilt.  Black kilts for men with Blended Wool Tartan Woven Into the Pleats. American Highlander Combines the Comfort of a Utility Kilt with the Style of a Traditional Scottish Tartan Kilt So You Can Sport a Modern Look and Remain True to Your Heritage.

The Rob Roy Macgregor Tarton Kilt  is a classic-style of kilts that Kilt features a small plaid pattern from top to bottom. This Kilt is red and black in color, presenting itself as a checkered pattern that is eye catching to see. On the side of these Kilts is a pleated feature that gives it a bit more depth while also giving you more room to move.

History Of Rob Roy:-

Rob Roy was born at Glengyle, at the head of Loch katerine as recorded in the baptismal register of Buchanan Stirling. His parents were Donald Glas MacGregor and Margaret Campbell. He was also descended from the Macdonalds of Keppoch through his paternal grandmother.