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We as a whole realize that tartans can look phenomenal when shown on Kilts, Trews and even Waistcoats, yet did you think about the interesting history behind numerous Tartans, for example, the tribe they come from and their utilization since the beginning? Go along with us as we investigate the story beyond 5 popular tartans.

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The Story Beyond 5 Popular Tartans

1: Royal Stewart

Ostensibly Scotland’s most popular tartan, Royal Stewart comes from the regal place of Stewart. The regal Stewart house was established by King Robert the Second who came from a long queue of Scottish lords and sovereigns. The Royal Stewart Tartan is likewise the individual tartan of Queen Elizabeth the second (our present Queen) which may clarify the tartans extraordinary prominence consistently. In principle, this tartan can’t be worn without consent from the Queen, anyway because of how mainstream the tartan became it is currently a widespread tartan implying that anybody can decide to wear it. The Royal Stewart tartan has even managed to appear on some motor racing circles, used mainly by Scottish Formula One racer Jackie Stewart. 

2: Ramsay Tartan

Next on our rundown is the Ramsay tartan. In spite of the fact that the rendition of the Ramsay tartan we have is in blue and dark tones with white lines, initially, this tartan showed up with red, highly contrasting. The Ramsay tartan comes from the Ramsay group which were arranged in the marshes region of Scotland just toward the south of Edinburgh. The faction assumed an essential job in a few Scottish wars including, the Wars of Scottish Independence, the Anglo Scottish war and even different common wars. The Ramsay’s please to consider two mansions their home – Brechin Castle in Angus and Dalhousie Castle in Midlothian. Popular Ramsay’s incorporate handily bothered culinary specialist Gordon Ramsay, Scottish writer Allan Ramsay and John William Ramsey a Scottish lawmaker.

3: Black Watch

The Black Watch tartan comes from the scandalous infantry legion of the regiment of Scotland. In spite of the fact that it was initially known as “The Government tartan and “Award Hunt Tartan”, the name Black Watch name may have come from the dull tartan outfits that the force were made to wear albeit different speculations have additionally been recommended. As the Black Watch force began wearing the tartan, harking back to the 1700’s it implies that the Black Watch tartan has now been worn by the Scottish troopers for almost 300 years!

4: Hamilton Grey

The Hamilton Gray Tartan comes from the Hamilton family who remains faithful to the English, in the long run became steadfast allies of Robert the Bruce.

Following the Battle of Bannockburn Hamilton’s grant the town of Cadzow which they before long renamed to “Hamilton” – a name that actually remains today! In this town, the Hamilton’s lived in Hamilton castle which at the time was the biggest non illustrious home in the entire of Europe. Therefore, he wedded a Swedish young lady and had two half Swedish children named Hugo and Malcolm. The Hamilton’s lived in Hamilton castle in Hamilton.

5: Mackenzie Modern

At last on our rundown, we have the Mackenzie Modern tartan which comes from the Mackenzie family. In spite of the fact that they additionally upheld Robert the Bruce much like the Hamilton group. The Mackenzie’s were infamous for battling with different families and had notable fights with the Munro and MacDonald tribes. Therefore, they upheld the Jacobite rising a large number of the Mackenzie’s were separated and there was a lot of fighting.

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