What is a kilt?

Kilts are knee-length skirts like garments which made of woolen material known as  tartan and traditionally worn by Scottish and Irish men and boys

This unique outfit came into existence in the early 16th century .

To freedom of motion, fabulous appearance, and which portrays their rich superb/unique cultural identity.

The kilt first appeared as the great kilt, the break or belted plaid, during the 16th century. The filled mòr or great kilt was a full-length garment.

Although the kilt is most often worn on formal occasions at Highland games and other sports events.

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The Scottish kilt displays uniqueness of design, construction, and convention which differentiate it from other garments fitting the general description.

around the front and back and across the front again to the opposite side.

The fastenings consist of straps and buckles on both ends, the strap on the inside end usually passing through.