What to wear to a Scottish wedding when it comes to a Scottish wedding, kilt-clad men are just as likely as the women to steal the show. Whether you’re the groom, the best man, or a guest, you probably feel the pressure to look great. Don’t stress. Kilt Society™ and its team of stylists have created a series of looks to guide you as you discover your perfect work kilts outfit. Read on for our stylized recommendations before building a look that speaks to your personal style.


Kilt Society™ Rustic Kilt Outfit

A classic kilt outfit pays homage to your Scottish lineage. There are several ways to achieve this, including wearing a kilt in your clan tartan (with matching flashes and cuff links) and choosing traditional accessories. Subtly incorporate your clan with  a custom made kilt pin or clan crest full dress sporran .For The Rustic Henderson Kilt Outfit, we’ve combined a formal full dress sporran and bow tie with a contemporary  Argyll Kilt Outfits for a look that is simultaneously traditional and smart. 


Kilt Society™ tweed kilt outfit

For a tradition-inspired style that doesn’t acknowledge a specific clan, opt for a look that honors Scotland’s rustic aesthetic.  A tweed kilt outfit makes a great statement, showcasing your unique style. For the modern patriot tweed kilt outfit, we’ve included nods to Scottish heritage with  a full dress sporran featuring and a Celtic dub. At the same time, the outfit incorporates a fashionable tweed brae mar , popular among those looking for a fresh take on the traditional kilt outfit.


Kilt Society™ Moss Kilt Outfit

Not everyone is looking for a traditional kilt outfit. Sometimes, you just need something entirely different.  A slim fit herringbone neck tie, paired with a neatly cut tweed brae mar , is a great way to neaten up your look. Our Moss kilt outfit  combines these elements with an 8-yard kilt in Stewart wedding tartan for a uniquely rustic feel. For an extra twist, opt for a sporran in Harris tweed rather than traditional bovine.


Kilt Society™ Crawford Trews Outfit

Finally, maybe you’re not all that into kilt wearing in general (it’s OK, we won’t judge). If you want to wear a traditional Scottish outfit but aren’t quite prepared to go full kilt, we recommend a small pair to tartan trews. The gallant Crawford trews outfit is a great option for a formal but alternative wedding look. We’ve paired versatile high wasted  Argyll tartan trews with a prince charlie jacket and trews and black bowtie  for a look that echoes a traditional kilt outfit with a fresh twist. Kilt Society wants you to discover your perfect kilt, and these guides are just suggestions. Want style advice from our team of experts? Reach out to us here