Why Do Men Wear Kilts For Running? Running In A Kilt

“Why Do Men Wear Kilts For Running?” you inquire. We answer, “Why not?!”

On the off chance that you are a sprinter or walker hoping to stand apart among the group… a ultra or trail sprinter searching for running wear that rises up to long miles and tough conditions… or a snag/mud racer searching for dashing stuff to dress like the fighter that you are… at that point kilts are for you!

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Ok now Let’s go to the topic now “Why Do Men Wear Kilts For Running?” Well, Here’s why:

Kilts are COOL!

While running shorts, leggings and jeans have character, nothing has a remarkable character of a kilt. Out of control, fun and in vogue, plaid has been well known for quite a long time with eminence to heroes, and now sprinters, who wish to be particular in an ocean of thousands.


Kilts are FREEING!

What does a man wear under his kilt? Anything he needs! While our Women’s Kilts have sewn-in shorts, our Men’s variant takes into account opportunity… of decision.

Kilts are UNIFYING!

Plaids have associated Scottish and Celtic groups since the 1500s. Today, they fortify the obligations of groups, joining them in a typical shading and example.

What’s more, (Our) Kilts are FUNCTIONAL!

Not exclusively do our kilts look incredible and feel extraordinary, they hold stuff as well! A huge zippered pocket along the outside of the back belt in our Men’s variant, and three secure pockets in our Women’s adaptation, permits you to convey anything from your ID and Visas to an enormous advanced cell in a protected, safe spot! Also, dissimilar to conventional kilts that are made of hefty fleece, our own are produced using lightweight, ecofriendly texture (reused plastic containers and Spandex) that keep them adaptable, breathable AND launderable!

So, why not give kilt at least one try? 

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