Difference between “Traditional Kilt” and “modern kilt”

History rolls out the significant origin of the kilt as the figures tell it started to use in 16 century. It considered above and beyond than other accessories like trousers and shirts. Kilt, more accurate is to say “tartan kilt” because it made out of with “Tartan” fabric that also called plaid fabric. This heritage has a relation with Scotland while its designs and patterns diversify with the different cultures of the different tribes. It basically made for the men but women wear too. History earthed that people worn the kilts on special occasions. As time progressed kilt adopted the advanced features and materialized with different fabric.  As now you see multi-designs utility kilts in the markets. These kilts get the feature with the divergent fabrics in numerous styles. But the matter of discussion is to tell you the difference between traditional and modern construction that I will put it down in the succeeding article. However, I am moving on to list out the multiple types of utility kilts to get you to familiarize with those.

Hybrid kilts

This kind shapes up with the two types of fabric to craft the functional and fashion features. One type of fabric stitches the body surface while the other features trim and pleats.

Camouflage kilts

 This considers accurate to wear for any type of outdoor adventuring and comfort the wish to look unique.   

Denim Kilts

These kilts deem perfect to wear for the work and supports activities.

Printed Kilts

Printed kilts feature fabulous graphics that enhance and groom the fashion style further.

Construction differences of old and modern kilts

Tartan Kilts (old fashioned)

  • Above mentioned details navigate about its history, origin, and fabric. Tartan kilt found in 100+ designs that all related to numerous tribes. But the basic kilt’s fabric named tartan relates to the clan of Scotland or Ireland.
  • The unique factor is the handmade construction that gets the prototype unprecedented.  Basic kilt processed through needles without the use of a machine.
  • The traditional layout features back pleats and front apron. Front apron covers the legs from front and width is round about 14-16 inches. The fringe ending of the front apron from the legs and back pleats make the kilt gorgeous. Both aforementioned features amplify the beauty while walking. The back pleat got dense with the extra fabric to use the kilt in the winter.
  • The basic kilt does not feature even a single pocket. The people of mentioned countries carried the purse described Sporran to place their stuff and accessories.
  • The long and thin piece used to unite the featured design but as time changed leather straps replaced to add the substantial fasten. Each leather strap added to the left & right side and people can regulate them up to 2 to 3 inches according to their comfort.

Utility kilt (modern fashion)

  • This kilt comes in different styles on different fabrics and regards an advanced form of the traditional kilts. These kilts enhance your lifestyle according to the current fashion and don’t have the history in their backend like the tartan kilt.
  • It identifies as a contemporary kilt and most of the part gets fabricated with the help of the machine. Its construction includes a little bit use of hands.
  • The modern kilt manufactured according to the current needs as it has side pockets and hooks. These help to carry the eclectic range of gadgets while with hooks you can hang the keys or other kinds of stuff like that. Its length is about the middle of the legs and front apron’s width measures 10 inches. The standard pleated back is similar like the traditional kilt which accelerates its ravishing look.
  • The contemporary kilts feature 3 pockets in which 2 added on the each side of legs while the bone pocket is at the back of the kilt. Bone pockets on some utility kilts are fabricated with the flop or sometimes not.
  • Utility kilts are manufactured according to the ongoing style. That’s why designers always bring a new style to the kilts by incorporating the buttons, hooks, leather strap and whatever they think compliments to the current state of the art.

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