What is Workman Utility Kilt?

We can see you now, out there on the job site, headbanging to Slayer, your mullet hanging down to your shoulders, a big honking drill in one hand.

The Working Kilts is designed with the hard working man in mind. It comes in 12 oz. 100% cotton Duck cloth that feels just about tough enough to stop a nail gun. It features two exterior rear pockets and has two multi-chamber saddle pockets with room for all the nails, screws, tape measures, cell phones, wallets and beer bottles you could want.

This sturdy and adjustable loop can hold everything from a ballpein hammer to a DeWalt cordless drill no problem, and will keep even the biggest tool tight and secure all through your working day.

The Workman’s is sort of the mutant child of a Utility kilt and hardcore toolbelt.


  • Left side key clasp.
  • Nail pockets on top of sturdy cargo pockets
  • Top-to-bottom pleats keep the Workman’s hanging right all through your working day.
  • Big metal rivets at all pocket stress points keep your pockets tight and make your Utility kilt look that little bit more badass.
  • Circular (Form Follows Function) logo on the back right pocket with Work Kilts in big chunky block letters underneath.
  • Loop & Toggle Modesty closure system.
  • Reinforced lap pleats
  • Wallet grip back pockets
  • Wicking cotton twill liner at  interior front apron, upper yokes and rear adjustable panel
  • WARNING – The Workman’s Kilt is a tough tool and a break-in period is required. 

The Workman utility kilt for tough folks with tough jobs. If you wear it to a desk job, everyone will know you’re overqualified.

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