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What's your Scottish clan, In our ever-more-global culture, having a heritage of which you can be proud can mean going on a cultural scavenger hunt. You may have strong links to a Scottish clan and spend your whole life in the dark! How do we find out the intricacies of our cultural heritage, and work kilts then proclaim our roots? Further, how can we celebrate those roots once we’ve discovered them? Knowing who you are and where you came from can give you a powerful sense of home and heart, a sense of belonging, and a compass to your “people.” (Even if your people have scattered to the four corners of the earth.)At Celtic Croft, we welcome you home to our proud Scottish traditions with apparel jewelry, and more no matter where you’ve landed your ship today. Here are several ways to discover your deep Scottish ties, from our family to yours.


By “50 million,” we mean that’s how many people claim Scottish heritage or connection in the world today!

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A LITTLE BACKSTORY…  Introducing the persevere tartans in which what would Scottish Tartans look like if they were designed today? What colors and patterns best reflect the modern man while keeping in line with traditional weaving techniques? These are the questions we got to explore while designing our new Persevere range Tartan is embedded in Scotland’s national identity and we wanted to honor the tried and true pattern of work kilts with a contemporary approach in weathered colors that reflect the rural, rugged landscapes of the country we’re lucky enough to call home.

The name Persevere is taken from the District of Leigh, Edinburgh, Scotland’s motto. You can find kilts for sale on lamp posts and doorways, serving as a reminder of the spirit of the people and place. It is a nod to the old seaport we are based in, whose colors inspired our designers, and where our founders Emma and Fergus both grew Kilt Society™ and their own family.

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