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Work Kilts are a great choice for those who love to wear a kilt while working. These working kilts for workman feature durable material and lots of pockets, they are hard wearing and practical for use throughout the day


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Hiking Kilts for Men

No matter the season, a kilt will keep you cool and dry. I’ve met a few hikers who prefer wearing kilts instead of hiking pants. Hiking kilts are a practical hiking garment for men and it’s surprising that more hikers and backpackers don’t use them. They’re great way to avoid moisture build-up and chafing in those sensitive […]

The Workman Utility Kilt

We can see you now, out there on the job site, headbanging to Slayer, your mullet hanging down to your shoulders, a big honking drill in one hand, a cold beer in the other and all your pants-wearing co-workers sweating their asses off and wondering how you got so damn cool. The Working Kilts is designed […]

Yes, hot guys working out in kilts is everything you’d hope for

C The Kilted Coaches are at it again, and there isn’t a pair of underwear in sight… The fitness duo – who, if you hadn’t guessed, do workout videos in just their kilts – found out that doing burpees in your best tartan on a windy day can, well, leave you a bit exposed. Stephen Clarke […]

Difference between “Traditional Kilt” and “modern kilt”

History rolls out the significant origin of the kilt as the figures tell it started to use in 16 century. It considered above and beyond than other accessories like trousers and shirts. Kilt, more accurate is to say “tartan kilt” because it made out of with “Tartan” fabric that also called plaid fabric. This heritage […]

Men’s Kilts | Kilts for Men by Work Kilts

Kilts for Men is the ultimate in menswear for both comfort and style. Men’s Kilts from Work Kilts features the traditional look in comfortable modern fabrics made with no-itch machine-washable material. Plus, Kilt’s are customizable, so we’ll make yours just the way you like; with pockets, belt loops, buckle closure, or sewn-down pleats! Please note: […]

Design your Custom Contemporary Kilt – A Guide By WorkKilts.com

Welcome to a whole new world of how kilts are made and worn. Some mistakenly use the term “Contemporary Kilt” to mean any alternative garment made from a solid colored fabric. In fact a Contemporary Kilt is a totally new type of kilt. Taking its inspiration from the Traditional Kilt but modernizing, improving and refining […]

What happens when you wear kilts to work? A submission from a customer, Adam West.

“One day I decided to wear my kilt to work. Not the first time, but the first time the plant manager saw it. It was early in the morning and I was getting some coffee. He was standing in the break room when I walked in. He completely flipped out. He asked me what it […]

Khaki Work Kilt for Working Men

This Khaki Work Kilt for Working Men has its own grace and is best for semi-formal wear in summer. It can also be worn casually or as a working outfit with any black Jacobean shirt by men. Crafted in 100% pure cotton with expert stitching done on both sides. The front apron is simple and […]

Camouflage Work Man Kilt – Working Men Camo Kilt

This Camouflage Work Man Kilt is specially designed for working men so it’s simple but with eye-catching camouflage print. Also best for adventure loving men. It is breathable, durable and extremely comfortable to wear in any weather because Poly-cotton blended fabric is used to make it while double stitching with the contrasting thread is don […]

Working Men Kilt – Lightweight Kilt for Working Men

Working Men Kilt just awesome. An adorable kilt is very easy to wear for a whole day because of its lightweight Kilt. Moreover, it is popular among the working man due to its stylish front apron and side cargo pockets which provide you enough space to carry your stuff while wearing it. We have made […]